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Brazilian Court Orders GMO Labeling on Food

While the battle against Genetically Modified food labeling rages on in the U.S. a definitive stand has been taken by Brazil.

A court in Brazil has ruled that Nestle label all of its products with over 1 percent GMO. This ruling came about after Nestle’s strawberry flavored Bono Cookies were found to have transgenic material. In concordance with Brazilian law, all food manufacturers will now have to let the consumers know about the food products containing GM organism, reports GM Watch.

The cookies were found to contain genetically modified soy.

All food products containing GM content will now have to have a label: a yellow triangle with ‘T’ in the middle. This will be accompanied by the word “transgenic” to indicate that the food is genetically modified.

With this ruling, Brazil has joined the ranks of the countries which require the labeling of GM food, including the European Union and Japan.

This is not the first time a court in Brazil has ruled against a food company which uses GMO. Last week, Monsanto was fined heavily, for an advertisement which it released in 2004, when GM food was banned in Brazil, reports Mother Nature Network. The court fined Monsanto $250,000 for releasing a very “misleading” ad on GM soy.

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