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Californians Vote Green Mailer Deception is a website from a company called Dakota Communications ( They are sending deceptive mailers to California voters asking them to “VOTE for a GREENER CALIFORNIA!”  These mailers have absolutely nothing to do with voting for a greener California, unless they are talking about the money or “green” they are making from this astroturfing and false campaign message.

At first glance the mailer as it appears pictures both Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein with an ad for No on Prop 37. Proposition 37 would require the labeling of foods that contain GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms. If one takes a closer look one will see in small print a disclaimer that this mailer is not from an official political party and that it further states “appearances in this mailer does not necessarily imply endorsement of others appearing in this mailer, nor does it imply endorsement of, or opposition to, any issues set forth in this mailer.” They got that right! Both Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein have publicly stated that GMO foods should be labeled and that they support it outright. 

GET THE FACTS and Vote Yes on Prop 37


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