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Connecticut is looking at GMO labeling legislation

HARTFORD — Critics call it Frankenfood and say it may pose health risks.

But food manufacturers and some farmers say genetically modified food is safe and are fighting efforts in Connecticut and around the nation to require that such products be labeled.

“Genetic modified ingredients are no different nutritionally and from a safety standpoint than other foods that do not have genetically modified ingredients,” Gregory J. Costa, director of state affairs for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, told lawmakers during a public hearing on the proposal Wednesday.

The legislature’s environment committee is considering a bill that would require all genetically engineered foods to be labeled and also to create “best practices for GMO farming.”

“We have a right to know what’s in our food,” Bill Duesing, executive director of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut, said in written testimony submitted to the committee. “It is required that a water bottle tell us how much fat, protein and carbohydrate is in that water, but currently we don’t know if the ingredients in our food are genetically engineered.”

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  • I can just picture the board room meeitng when some guy fresh out of business school suggested: Wouldn’t it be cheaper to fire all the fact checkers and just print our mistakes? The great thing about the web is that, when people actually bother to link to their sources, I can actually see the process of an idea mutating as it jumps from one site to the next. It must be the geneticist in me, but (when it’s not annoying) I find it fascinating to follow that evolution.It makes sense you used to work at a publishing company, the posts you write up for your blog have been so polished from day one.

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