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Filmmaker pushes for federal GMO labeling

The man behind the popular 2008 documentary Food, Inc. is out with a new project aimed at getting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to label genetically engineered or modified (GE or GMO) food products.

Filmmaker Robert Kenner’s “Labels Matter” piece is part of his FixFood project, a social media platform to empower Americans to take immediate action to create a more sustainable and democratic food system. It’s also a collaboration with the Just Label It campaign, a push to build on a growing grass roots movement behind a petition submitted to the FDA back in September. View Full Article

View: Labels Matter video

3 comments to Filmmaker pushes for federal GMO labeling

  • Shelley O. Smith

    I’d love to help get this on the ballot. Could I gather signatures? Shelley Smith

  • Gene Modi

    Hi Shelly,

    The Committee for the Right to Know is a grassroots coalition looking for volunteers to help them gather signatures.

    Getting an initiative on the California ballot needs to be done in 3 months and requires gathering 560,000 qualifying signatures. They are organizing their signature gathering campaign now so that when they get the initiative back from the state they are ready to start running. They expect to start gathering signatures in February 2012.

    Go to this link to volunteer:

  • Way to go James, keep defending the truth no meattr how frustrating it is. It’s worth it! You’re like a science superhero! I used to work for a publishing company in DC we published financial advice and personal finance newsletters and the biggest part of my job was to fact-check. I was astounded by how often the major money/finance magazines/newspapers repeated incorrect information. Of course, I was young and naive back then. That was one of the most difficult jobs I ever had, but it taught me that it’s important to find the truth. Especially when it’s hard. I don’t think the job of fact-checker exists anymore. I took pride in it, and I see that in you, too. Keep up the good work!

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