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Genetic Chile, movie on risks of GMOs

Documentary Filmmaker Chris Dudley presents Genetic Chile, a movie about Genetic Patents and the unknown health risks in genetically modified food.

This is the definitive GMO movie, an in-depth dissection of the corporate takeover
of the world’s food supply and the resulting increases in hunger, poverty and death.

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1 comment to Genetic Chile, movie on risks of GMOs

  • No. People that have done their homework know that Monsanto is an Illuminati owned ctrropaoion. Depopulation is the real agenda. This is done under the deceptive guise of feed all the people that are hungry . In other countries, where roundup is used, many individuals became very sick and have died as a result of GMO crops. This is not progress, it’s regression. Listen to David Rockefeller and Bill Gates depopulation speeches here on Utube. Just do a search for them.

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