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GMO crops and beekeeping is unworkable

The inapplicable coexistence of GMO’s and beekeeping is now confirmed by justice.

From the arrival of the first GMO crops in Europe few years ago, beekeepers never stopped warning the public decision-makers it is absurd to pretend those crops could coexist with beekeeping. Under the influence of the GMO and seeds lobby, the European Commission as well as the national authorities remained death about this this claim and evidence.

A German beekeeper demonstrated his honey was contaminated by some MON810 GMO corn pollen and lead his case to court. September 6, 2011, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared such honey could not go on the market.

Our decision-makers cannot pretend anymore ignoring this evidence : the GMO crops authorization in field would be devastating for beekeeping products (honey, pollen, propolis) and the honeybees as a whole.

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2 comments to GMO crops and beekeeping is unworkable

  • go to and tell the fda what you think…. alsmot to a record breaking 1mil. we can’t rely on corrupt politition to do the right thing…. also heads up to gardeners… we were recently informed that fedco found hybrid broccoli varieties gypsy and diplomat to be contaminated with gmo….it has been a major loss to our farm as it had already been ordered and planted…we need more than labeling, we need an outright ban on gmos. i just priced feed for my chickens certified gmo free… alsmot twice the price of regular feed and basically just doesn’t contain corn or soy… next will be alfalfa….there are many who would like to feed their families gmo free food… leaving out corn and soy byproducts is a great place to start, but incomplete….if this label gmo law passes the cost of testing should be put on the producers not consumers…. monsanto foots the bill and pay for their sins of trying to play god miserably for more than 1/2 a century….

  • That’s a clever anwesr to a tricky question

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