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GMO crops the bad seed of agriculture

At a recent Seedy Saturday in Enderby, the majority of the speeches were about the issues, dangers and consequent fallout of the use of GMO seeds and plants in our food and environment, and how it’s seriously affecting the health of all life forms, be it humans, animals, insects, microbes and plants.

One hundred years ago, all food was organic and 15 years ago our food did not have genes from other species in it. We need to understand the profound changes that have occurred with our food, and if there’s one thing we need to make an informed choice about, it’s this one.

Hybrid seeds occur by cross-pollinating seeds, or it can happen in nature, whereas a GMO (genetically modified organisms) or GE (genetically engineered) crops is biotechnology. These “new and improved” organisms are artificially created through the insertion of animal, human, bacterial or other DNA into plants, animals, fungi etc. to make the organism supposedly more desirable to humans. Food plants are commonly modified to make them more resistant to their animal and insect predators, called “pests,” and microbe predators, called “diseases,” that like to feed on them. For example, the naturally occurring bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) effectively kills young caterpillars, which are “pests” of corn and soybeans, so scientists have inserted the Bt genes into the DNA sequence into these foods, and now these caterpillars are killed when they munch on them. Some of these plants receive additional genes that make them immune to certain pesticides (especially Roundup), as well as an antibiotic-resistance gene to protect the bacterial DNA against one or more antibiotics used in human and veterinary medicine. Other plants (especially rice) are now being modified with human genes to effectively turn them into pharmaceuticals to control everything from diarrhea to diabetes. All these “benefits” may seem well and good, but it doesn’t sound too appetizing to me.

There is no such thing as a single cause/single effect in nature. GMO’s are causing massive collateral damage in the plant, which can cause serious side-effects in humans such as allergens, toxins, new diseases, nutritional problems, infertility, immune system problems, obesity, accelerated aging, insulin regulation changes and damage to the liver, kidneys, spleen and gastrointestinal system. Insecticide and pesticide genes from GMO crops will transfer into the gut or intestinal tract of humans, animals, birds and honeybees. Animals and their offspring suffer similar health problems, and lab rats are shown to be growing hair in their mouths. This is just what we know so far.

GMO’s affect water use for humans, livestock and wild creatures alike; contaminate, sterilize and destroy soil which can result in deserts and total ecosystem collapse; create loss of habitat and food for wildlife; threaten to destroy all native plant species due to the spread of seed and pollen; create loss of jobs, displacement of communities and abandonment of lands; disrupt and seriously affect forest ecosystems and ultimately threaten worldwide biodiversity.

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4 comments to GMO crops the bad seed of agriculture

  • Great quesadtion! Grape seed oil is aa0flaadvouradless oil that is fabadulous for both cookading and bakading (and does not burn addiadtionadally in the pan if you hapadpen to be fryading). Coconut oil is also fantadastic, and at room temadperadatadure is aa0solid but with heat becomes aa0liquid rapadidly. Both grape seed and ccnuoot are fabadulous sources of essenadtial fats, the good essenadtiala0fats.

    • Marcelo

      Now is the time to stand for what we believe. Mother Nature has given everything we need to sustain life on Earth. Scientists in laboratories only study several facets of what they want to accomplish. As a naturalfarmer, I can attest to the difficulties with weeds and insects. But working with Nature is the only way that works for me, spiritually and financially. If you can, find a copy of the DVD, A Sense of Wonder , about the life of Rachael Carson, and share it with those you know It is a tool for teaching, inspiring and moving everyone. We cannot hope to convert Monsanto, but we can use the power of our numbers to bring the legal actions necessary and block the use of gm seeds, glysophates, neonicotinoids, etc. Only Mother Nature can reverse the damage done.

  • Dr. Aoife, what about Canola Oil? I switched my vegetable oil from Soybean to Canola a few years ago. If both of these are on the list, can you recommended another flavorless oil for cooking and baking?

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