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GMO Labeling Battle Heats Up in Washington State with I-522

The battle for GMO labels is heating up in Washington state where 350,000 signatures have put it on November’s ballot.

Last year, San Juan County, Washington banned growing GMO crops with 61% of the vote.

On GMO labels, a recent voter survey shows strong support for the measure, with 66% saying they support I-522, which would label GMOs in food sold in the state. Just 22% oppose it. 44% “strongly” support; 13% “strongly” oppose it.

The survey shows widespread support among people of all parties, from every age group and from all corners of the state.

Importantly, the survey finds these views can withstand a barrage of attacks from special interests. After voters hear one message in favor of labeling and six messages against, support for I-522 holds at 64%, while opposition only increases to 29%.

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