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GMO Labeling Law Wins In Connecticut

Connecticut took the first step requiring producers to label genetically modified food Wednesday, as a legislative committee overwhelmingly backed a measure promoted as giving consumers more information while avoiding the debate over health concerns.

The legislature’s Environment Committee voted 23-6 to approve the measure, allowing supporters to prevail over opponents who said the measure would lead to higher packaging costs.

“It’s something that’s coming, and I think we can be in the forefront in helping shape how it’s done,” said Democratic Rep. Richard Roy, the committee’s House chairman. “Think of us as the mouse that roared.”

The federal government and states do not require labeling for all genetically modified foods. Connecticut is among nearly 20 states considering a requirement, with backers saying genetically engineered foods pose allergy and other health risks and that labels give consumers valuable information.

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  • Labeling is important. Not using GMOs, more important.I should think the more than 125,000 suicides of Indian farmers who got caught in the seed nightmare should be a warning to our farmers.I will continue to do all I can to avoid consuming GMOs. It may mean eating only what is produced locally by people I know do not use them and having a very restricted diet. I have several health issues and consider food the most important way to make every effort to be as healthy as possible.

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