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GMO Labeling Via Ballot Box

Dozens of protesters in Davis, California on Friday shut down an office of the giant biotechnology company, Monsanto, to draw attention to genetically modified foods. The Occupy Davis action was fueled by claims that Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds could potentially disrupt the world’s food supply. Like most critics of GMOs, the protesters are demanding the labeling of genetically modified foods so that the public can decide whether or not to consume them.

Now, a growing movement across the country, and here in California, is calling for labeling, via the ballot box. A ballot measure aimed at this November’s election on GMO labeling has been sponsored by the Committee for the “Right to Know” – a grassroots coalition of consumer, public, health, environmental organizations and food companies in California.

The group is in the process of gathering 800,000 signatures before April 22nd in order get their measure onto the 2012 Ballot, which would explicitly require all genetically modified foods sold in retail outlets to be labeled as such. A recent study by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, found that nationwide, 80 percent of packaged foods contain genetically engineered ingredients. However, because they are not labeled, consumers remain ignorant. The US is far behind other industrialized nations – currently, all the European Union countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Russia require GMO labeling.

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  • The only way people will wake up about the darengs is by having another big outbreak. One that the media isn’t paid not to report on- that is.There’s just too much money in it for Monsanto for anyone to stop them. You’ll be eating plenty of animals that never existed in nature soon. Get your fork. The latest wicked little batch combines goat, and spider genes to make a new super salmon(not kidding). Hmm I’ve never tasted spider before but its never too late to try with Monstano’s new gene/DNA recipe!As an added bonus the FDA says its illegal to label GMO salmon, because it might confuse you. I know in my heart they are doing it for us because they love us!Enjoy your fascism!

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