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GMO protesters shut down Monsanto offices in Davis, CA

Can money buy the government? As much as 90 percent of the corn, soybeans and cotton produced in the United States come from genetically modified seeds. Protesters want choice.

This fact inspired dozens of protesters to disrupt the workday at Monsanto in Davis, CA near Sacramento yesterday in pouring rain to “shut down” the Davis office of the multinational biotechnology company because critics claim that genetically modified seeds are an untested risk to the world’s food supply.

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2 comments to GMO protesters shut down Monsanto offices in Davis, CA

  • Ola

    and historically interesting, it’s a matter of ensuring a healthy future for humanity. As industrial agriculture becomes increasingly focused on growing fewer and fewer varieties of food plants, home gardeners

  • I can’t believe that GMO foods are even part of our life GENETICALLY MODIFIED, pelpoe what part of that aren’t you getting. Frankenfood as we call them. Thank you for being an advocate against these poisons, Cheri!!!Stay Extraordinary and Keep Doing Amazing Things, Neil

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