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GMOs Create Insect Resistance Problems

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have not been properly tested and when they are tested, they are found to be chronically or acutely toxic.

Even worse they replicate on their own from inside each cell of a plant, and are doing so in unexpected and unintended ways. For example toxic genes that had been forced into soy, have been found to have transferred into the DNA of bacteria living inside the intestines of the people who ate the soy.

The scariest thing is that the DNA continues to function even though it is no longer in the soy where it had been implanted, but now in the bacteria of the gut. From inside the human being it continues to express the Bt toxin. Is this mad or is this is evil? Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a naturally occurring organism which produces a toxin. Corporate scientists are adding genes for Bt toxins to a wide array of high value crops to enable the plants to produce their own insecticide.

The genetically engineered Bt crops continuously express the Bt toxin throughout the growing season. It is known that GMOs harbouring Bt endotoxins cause unintended direct adverse effects, including but not limited to mammals including human beings, insects, aquatic life, soil microbes, and their food web dynamics, The primary justifications for the genetic engineering of Bt into crops is that this will reduce the use of insecticides.

This is a great goal because of the negative impacts of these dangerous chemicals on ecosystems and humans is huge. However, despite the promising claims – that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) will decrease usage of chemical pesticides (insecticides and herbicides) – this has not been the case. Where these crops are grown the use of pesticides has, after a short period, increased.

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3 comments to GMOs Create Insect Resistance Problems

  • I got what you destine, tanhks for putting up. Woh I am cheerful to acquire this website finished google. Thanks For Share Anna Rounds: Don’t mess with our crops with GMOs | Daily Camera: Letters to the Editor.

  • Yes, this is the belief with most of us in this corutny. We truly think and feel that there is some group in the government looking out for us little people, keeping us safe from harmful things in the environment, the products that we use, food, and even what our homes and businesses are made of. We have quickly learned that that is not the truth! I had heard of the precautionary principle, but it’s been such a long time that I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.I think that it is too much work for the government and that is why things just get into the system. We, thinking that there have been years of study governing things before it is unleashed on us, dive in and get busy eating and using these foods and products thinking that they are safe. It is a situation that is out of control, for the most part. How do we deal with it? It will not go away anytime soon, and by the time it does, too many of us and our children will be sick, dying or dead.

    • Tanysha

      This is unsettling news. I would hope that the WTO is not being influenced by the GMO companies. It’s bad enough that our government is deeply involved with Monsanto and other huge corporations that seem to run our country instead of being run by the people.

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