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It’s 2012, welcome to your GMOcery!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up, our GMOcery tour is about to begin. That’s right, get on board our corn-fueled trolley car; it’s a big store, no need to walk. Help yourself to our delicious-nutritious-vitamin-enhanced water drinks found in Aisle 9 and, please, get comfortable and enjoy the tour!”

“Yes we live in a marvelous world of scientifically enhanced food today. On this tour we are featuring the GMO Fantastic Four known to you as: corn, soy, canola and cotton. They’re the omnipresent shapeshifters. From our corn we get your flour, meal, oil, starch, syrup and sweeteners. When you see the words fructose, dextrose and glucose, you’re seeing GMO Corn.”

“Now our soy is just as crafty and comes in the forms of: flour, oil, lecithin, protein, isolate and isoflavone. It sometimes answers to the names vegetable oil and vegetable protein – clever bugger.”

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