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Kellogg’s GMO Flakes – Activists Take Over the Kellogg’s Facebook Wall

GMO Flakes

A movement to essentially take over the Facebook wall of cereal giant Kellogg’s appears to be working quite well, as a few peeks at the mega-corporation’s page reveals.

While the Battle Creek, Michigan based company has crafted a wholesome image through its commercials, friendly cartoon characters and seemingly health-focused products, activists of the GMO-free movement aren’t buying it because of their rampant use of GMOs, and they have a bone to pick.

Spurred by various activist groups for health freedom on Facebook including many that are support California’s landmark Proposition 37, which mandates genetically modified organism (from food crops) labeling, individual users have continued the barrage of posts. Most of them focus on their own personal decision to dump Kellogg’s for using GMOs in recent years, as well as to inform people interacting with the page about studies that have shown serious health defects caused by GMO corn and other GMOs.

Kellogg’s of course uses GMO’s in most of their cereals, as just about all processed food companies do nowadays. Corn, canola, soy, sugar beets (labeled as “sugar), and a few other ingredients are among those that are likely genetically modified if not organic. They have been linked to infertility, serious allergies, weight gain and organ damage in lab animals.

The company has taken a stand against Prop 37, however, to avoid having to label its products as containing GMOs in California. Many analysts believe that a win for the proposition in California could open the flood gates for more states to adopt such laws, which is exactly what companies like Kellogg’s and similar companies want to avoid. So far, Kellogg’s has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to fight the initiative and is likely to donate more as November draws near.

It’s interesting to note just how effective the campaign has been on Facebook by the anti-GMO crowd, however. Virtually every post or thread started by Kellogg’s has a high number of respondents spreading awareness about GMOs, and Kellogg’s fans are becoming curious. Many of them seem as if they had no idea that GMOs were even an issue, or that they happened to be in Kellogg’s products.

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24 comments to Kellogg’s GMO Flakes – Activists Take Over the Kellogg’s Facebook Wall

  • Robert Haggarty

    Shame on you Tony the Tiger…not great

    • Katarzyna

      Well, if it’s organic, then USDA organic labeling rules require that the soy lecithin be listed as organic on the label (at least according to the USDA’s file which I linked to in the post). Since it isn’t listed on the label as organic soy lecithin , I’m not inclined to believe that it’s organic. Either they’re breaking the law by mislabeling the ingredients, or the person answering isn’t telling the truth. I don’t think they’re intentionally dishonest, just ignorant. I remember a few years ago when I first realized that most soy lecithin was probably GMO and that it was an ingredient in all my favorite chocolates. I called a couple of different organic chocolate companies, and only one (Rapunzel) had someone answer the phone who really knew what she was talking about. With all the others, I had to be *very* specific in my questions and talk to someone higher up in the company before I could get to truth. In most cases the truth was simple: they couldn’t tell me whether or not the soy lecithin was GMO or not because of how it’s processed. Getting conventionally-raised, non-GMO soy turned into soy lecithin is difficult because almost all non-organic soy is grouped together when sold downstream. No one separates out the non-GMO crops unless they’re a very exclusive producer marketing to a very exclusive manufacturer under a third party certification program like the Non-GMO Project (and note: Green Black’s isn’t part of that project). The only way to really ensure the soy lecithin is non-GMO is to use organic soy lecithin or a certified GMO-free soy lecithin.

  • jeanelle myers

    no GMO food!!!!!

  • Maureen A.

    I didn’t know they used GMO’s in their cereals. I am done buying their products. If they choose to stop, then I will come back to Kelloggs.

  • Patricia Polowitzer

    It’s about time American food producers start caring as much for their consumers as they do their profits!

  • Maria

    I will not support GMO products

  • Patty

    The GMO corn and oats as well as much of America’s wheat crops are in essentially everything you eat. It is way past time to get involved! Other countries like France and Germany for example do not allow GMO crops of any kind. Why do WE ????? well the money is the answer. The money they make using GMO crops out way the cares over our health and the health of our children. Pity. SHAME on America.

  • Linda

    Kellogs you could lead the way and not use GMO crops in your foods. I am boycotting you now!!! You are no longer great Tony Tiger!!! You are fake.

    • Chieko

      I realize Monsanto has changed it’s name possibly because of it had to try to change it’s image. How is it that no products are the same? It’s still called RoundUp, isn’t it? The harm is not only caused by RoundUp by also by other herbicides. Perhaps I should have pointed out that RoundUp is not the ONLY herbicide causing problems. It just happens to be the best-selling. I am not sure how it has saved the use of millions of gallons of insecticides? The ag company may never have made Aspartame, but it was still the company Monsanto. And there is plenty of evidence that Aspartame is harmful even if it’s approved for use (as is RoundUp).

  • Denise

    Shame on you Kellogg’s. Of all food companies I would have thought you would be the one to stand and say ” NO! We will not use these GMOs in our products. ” I guess I won’t be eating Fruit Loops and Frosted Mini Wheats anymore. You are going the same way as Pepsi products – Not in my house!!!!!!!!!

  • Natasha

    Reblogged this on and commented:Everyone needs to think about where are food comes from. I know a big debate is the cost, but there is a greater cost of you and your families health! Organic should be a basic standard !! How and when did it become exceptable to put poisons in our food!

  • Cash

    It doesn’t surprise me that given the studies showing GMO’s cause sterility within 3 generations that Kellogg’s is involved and fighting to keep away labeling laws. Pull up the wiki on the Eugenics society in America. John Kellogg was one of the financiers of the movement. It doesn’t surprise me that his company went on to help with the depopulation effort by poisoning the food supply against the will of the people with this sterility causing garbage.

  • Michelle

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The following comment was traced back to a server on Kellogg Dr. in Yorba Linda.

    I am sorry but your article is quite incorrect – non-GMO activists are a long way from taking over the Kellogg’s Facebook page! What they have done is to be rude and hateful to anyone else who posts there and splattered their scare-tactics and fear-mongering for all to see – very much reducing the credibility of anything they have to say.

  • NoGMO

    Kellogg’s has a new commercial on TV saying it’s corn flakes contain only 4 ingredients – 2 of the ingredients, corn and sugar I know to be GMO, yet they say it’s all natural, but a wise consumer knows all corporate USA corn and sugar are GMOs. Who do they think they’re fooling? Sickens me every time I see this commercial. Feel sorry for the children who aren’t old enough to make wise decisions.

  • David S

    Genetically modified foods are an experiment. Like microwave ovens, they may prove to be safe… On the other hand no one knows if the altered genetics in soy and corn take 5, 10 or 50 years to manifest problems or harmful effects. There is simply no rational explanation for NOT clearly labeling the products that contain genetic modifications. People must be given the facts. It’s a facet of the problems caused by the process in which elected officials raise funds for election where those officials are materially influenced by vested interests. Your elected representatives are for sale. That’s the real problem. GMO foods simply MUST be labeled – it’s immoral to hide this.

  • Linda

    You advertise that you want children to eat healthy. Then why are you using GMOs in your products. This is not a healthy policy.

  • What’s Next in the GMO Battle? | Lyme Disease Mommy

    They strives for a healthy image, and yet contributed $632,000 to the fight against Prop 37. For several months, the company’s Facebook page has become something of a marketing embarrassment.

  • Carrie B

    It’s bad enough that they are using GMO ingredients but then they spend a ton of money to prevent GMO labels so they can hide it from consumers. I’m done with their company.

  • ramsey affifi


    Proponents of GMOs will try to convince that GMOs are scientific and that anyone concerned about them is “anti-science”. People say this RELIGIOUSLY. They say it even though they don’t know anything about genetics.

    They don’t know anything about regulative coding, epistasis, promoter genes, stacking, pleiotropy, insertional effects, genetic networks, or epigenetic changes that occur over long periods of time.

    They know nothing about genetics but they insist that engineering DNA is scientific. They make these claims because they believe the authority figures, the Biotech Priests, who have so much to gain by converting them to their new religion!

  • Clint

    Kellogs of Adventist!
    1. Sevents Day of Adventist and Kellogs!
    2. eleonora H. White, and Brother Kellogs!
    3. Much Money in Name of God! Haggai 2:8.

  • himanshu sharma

    These people are insane. they have nothing to do with our health, they are just serious about their business and nothing else.

  • Peggy O'CONNOR

    NO GMO FOR ME…….Bye bye kellogg’s

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