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Monsanto’s GMO Alfalfa Approved

“So what?” you say. “I don’t eat alfalfa.”

But if you eat beef, drink milk, eat cheese or ice cream, or eat any packaged food products that contain dairy, you DO eat alfalfa… as processed by cows. Alfalfa is the backbone of the beef and dairy industry.

So the organic dairy industry is about to change, in a big way: until now, being non-GMO has been a principal part of being organic. But once they let these genes out of the bottle, there’s no going back:

* Alfalfa is an insect-pollinated crop
* There is no way to prevent cross-contamination from fields planted with Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa to other fields.
* These genes will contaminate the rest of America’s alfalfa crops within a few years
* In addition to its key use in dairy farming, alfalfa has also been used as a rotation crop to recharge fields in ecologically-sound agriculture methods.

The Organic Seed Alliance is “very disappointed” with this decision (to say the least)

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4 comments to Monsanto’s GMO Alfalfa Approved

  • Kisha

    Really good tips! I have been seeking for everything similar to this for a while currently. Regards!

    • I was watching Planet Green and they were saynig that there are now three categories of organic. The first is 100% organic. The second is 80% organic in which 80% of the product must be 100% organic and the other 20% can be non-organic but no gmo.Lastly there’s 70% organic,in which 70% must be 100% organic and the other 30% can contain gmo and non-organic.Yea, read labels,know who’s producing it. I recommend looking them up on the web to verify their integrity.Rod H.

    • My views on Monsanto and GMO’s are that both should be eneliatid completely and immediately. and for the judges who support Monsanto, perhaps Monsanto could continue to create GMO’s for them and their families.

      • Hitesh

        There are a lot of people who are mienrfoimsd about GMO’s. If modern farmers did not use the varieties we have today nor use the chemicals we use ( i.e. Grew all organic ) there would be fewer people in the world. We could not even begin to feed the world using the methods we used even 50 years ago. Hey, if you like organic, great for you, but don’t expect to feed the whole world with organics. Just keep doing what you are doing, educate people when you can, but just be aware some people will not listen to reason. When you prove them wrong, they will just try to shout you down.

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