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Occupy Monsanto – Global Week of Action

The Occupy Monsanto Global Week of Action starts this weekend!  Right now there are over 70 Genetic Crimes Units around the world who will be standing up for safe food and taking action against the world’s most evil corporation. From Monsanto’s offices in Japan to Monsanto’s headquarters in St. Louis, we’re really excited about all the actions concerned citizens around the world have organized.

Below you will find some of the new flyers that have been submitted to Occupy Monsanto, followed by the most up to date listing of confirmed Genetic Crimes Units. If your Decontamination Event’s details are incorrect or need to be changed, please respond to this e-mail with any corrections or additions. Also, over half of the GCU’s have created Facebook Event listings, which have played a key role in helping publicize their Decontamination Events. If you haven’t created one yet, now is the time!

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