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Some Kashi Foods May Contain GMO Ingredients

Tara Reid, Kashi’s director of consumer products and services, in an email stated, “For more than 25 years, Kashi has committed to making high quality foods with positive nutrition. Because more than 80 percent of the crops grown in North America are grown using GMOs, some Kashi foods may contain GMO ingredients. We care about this issue and that’s why we’ve partnered with the Non-GMO Project.”

The company has also posted an official response on YouTube. “Seven Kashi cereals are now Non-GMO Project Verified, and we are continuing to work through the process with many of our other foods. The safety and quality of our foods is a top priority, and we maintain stringent standards to ensure all of our foods are safe to enjoy.”

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  • The problem is not labeling, I think most people won’t care because they can only afford the modified stuff, plus if this does happen the media will try to spin it. Farmers use GMOs because its cheaper-more profits, its gotten to the point where they are under too much pressure, and of course govt isn’t going to subsidize to grow organically, they have the excuse of a financial crisis. The big issue here is money, and they always win because they have the most influence. It’s sad but true.

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