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Stonyfield Farm’s Gary Hirshberg takes on genetically modified foods

Why did you give up your job as CEO of the company you cofounded, New Hampshire-based Stonyfield Farm?
I’ve been in the business for half of my life, and now there are some other things pulling at me. We’ve got a very serious national debate going on about labeling genetically modified foods.

What is different about these foods?
The first genetically engineered crop to have been allowed into the commercial market for human consumption – sweet corn – has an insecticide built into its DNA. Biotech had said this insecticide would not be digestible and it would be broken down in saliva. But a study released in May found this insecticide, which had been bred into feed for cows, was detected in the umbilical-cord blood of pregnant women.

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Gary Hirshberg launched in September, Just Label It. Just Label It is in a coalition with the Center for Food Safety, which filed a petition with the FDA in September asking them to establish a rule requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods. More than 550,000 people have made comments in support of the petition. Possibly the most in the history of the FDA. This legal petition (Docket # FDA-2011-P-0723-0001/CP) has been filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calling on the FDA to label genetically engineered (GE) foods.

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