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Judge Naomi Buchwald Sides with Monsanto, Ridicules Farmers’ Rights

On February 24th, we received the disappointing news that federal Judge Naomi Buchwald dismissed the case of family farmers versus Monsanto. In Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) et al v. Monsanto, farmers who grow our food sought, once and for all, the protection of the U.S. courts against Monsanto’s abusive patent infringement lawsuits.

In what can only be called a travesty of justice, Judge Buchwald sided with Monsanto, stating that the farmers overestimated the threat posed by Monsanto’s genetic contamination of their crops. Buchwald’s ruling was an insult to farmers everywhere and we believe that her flawed assessment that organic and non-GMO farmers imagined the very real threat by Monsanto.

This lawsuit is far from over, we have 30 days to file an appeal, which plaintiffs are eager to do. But farmers need to have your support moving forward. Please join us in standing up for family farmers everywhere against Monsanto’s abusive seed monopoly.

Click here to add your voice in support of American farmers in their pursuit of justice and their right to grow food without fear and intimidation.

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