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Vermont pushing for GMO labeling of foods

Vermont legislators have given up on passing a law this year mandating labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food, but activists have not given up pressuring them. And around the country, activists and legislators are heartened about the momentum gained in the last year.

Activists point to what they call unprecedented support for action at the federal level, plus attempts at other action in up to 20 states — even though the legislation appears to have stalled or been blocked in most of those states and the Food and Drug Administration is responding at glacial speed.

Senate President John Campbell had said he would accept the bill from the House Agriculture Committee after the March 16 crossover day deadline. Two weeks later, however, the Agriculture Committee still has not agreed on a draft, and it will be taking further testimony, including at a public hearing on April 12. The bill’s proponents now say the bill needs scrutiny for its constitutional merits by the Judiciary Committee before it gets to the House floor, in light of threats of an industry lawsuit over the bill.

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2 comments to Vermont pushing for GMO labeling of foods

  • Leonardo

    This has been an eye-opener for me on how the FDA functions. I wrote in early on to psorett, and was basically told my psorett was too late and the only comments being taken were on labeling. So, I signed all the petitions I could and wrote a letter urging labels. No labels? Sounds like this decision was made early on and what people care about it does not matter in the least. Isn’t it incredible that GMOs are imposed on us? We should have a right NOT to eat them if we choose. Apparently 75% of the food on our shelves contain GMOs. I feel as you do about the salmon. Not enough testing has been done. Thanks for writing this post and alerting the public.

  • Rob

    Hi James,You are very good at putting words into the mouhts of others. Divine words from the god Monsanto to your ear is it? Just like Monsanto forcing food we don’t want to eat upon us without labeling. You certainly read the article with a biased twist, and spin, the same twist and spin you accuse others of .but, oh yes, we don’t know better do we. You are definitely one of those who knows better. Brilliant you are, you Fact checkers, polished comments, brilliant research, and mutual admiration society members. Monsanto fudges research. Check that out. Others can research too, and like you, don’t want to spend hours trying to convince the cool-aid drinkers. Truth is out there.

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