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Vermont’s ag committee debating GMO labeling

A bold bill that would require any food containing genetically modified ingredients to carry a special label in Vermont has had its committee vote postponed for at least two more weeks, buoying the hopes of supporters who feared it would wither before reaching the Senate.

Last Friday was the legislative crossover deadline for bills to be voted out of committee and continue their progress toward becoming law. After hearing nearly three days of testimony and fielding public calls and letters, members of Vermont’s agriculture committee got the green light from the Joint Rules Committee to continue hearing testimony on bill H.722.

“I think this was a wise move. There are several pending questions that need to be answered before the bill moves to the Senate,” writes the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Kate Webb (D-Shelburne), in an email. “One possibility is to add a condition that another state pass similar legislation so that Vermont does not have to go it alone. The state needs to have some reasonable assurance that this law could hold up to probable litigation. Most importantly, this keeps the bill alive.”

GMO labeling initiatives are also under way in California, Connecticut, Minnesota and a handful of other states.

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2 comments to Vermont’s ag committee debating GMO labeling

  • Yes we all know that. What does not make sense is these demonstrations are ttearged at companies that are pioneers in this market, industry and agriculture. Whole Foods has done more to support the cause that inspired this movement than any of its competitors, let alone the activists that protest in their stores. What about Walmart? Safeway? King Supers? Do some research. In the end it is the dollar that decides, so take out the middle man and grow your own food or buy only local.

  • For one, I think the Illuminati is crap. Also, even if there was an Illuminati, they are obviously really, really ineffective since they’ve been established since the 1700 s and still haven’t begun this new world order. Plus, the supposed new world order promotes horrible, scary things like gender equality, secularism, and humanism. Also, Bill Gates promotes improving living conditions for people worldwide, which will ultimately lead to a smaller pop. Sounds terrifying.

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