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Washington State Legislature to Consider GMO Labeling Bills

Two Washington legislators have introduced bipartisan GMO labeling bills in the Washington State House and Senate: Senator Marilyn Chase (D-Shoreline – 32nd District) and Representative Cary Condotta (R-Wenatchee – 12th District) have put forward bills (HB 2637) and (SB 6298) to require labeling of foods that are produced using genetically engineered (GE) materials or genetically modified organisms.  See More

4 comments to Washington State Legislature to Consider GMO Labeling Bills

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    • When are we going to learn? Seriously. Between genetically-engineered crops that alerday have 10% of the nutritional value they did 60-70 years ago due to leeched soil, pesticides, preservatives, additives, and the list goes on and on We’re just killing ourselves.Hopefully with websites like this and people like you, we can slowly but surely make a change. Thanks for the article and PDF.

  • Every dietitian and ntsnitioriut is aware of the Pima Indian studies and how altering their traditional diet has contributed to an increase in diabetes. If you actually cared about the nutrition of Africans, you should be promoting native African plants high in beta carotene and other nutrients such as Cleome gynandra, instead of Golden Rice which could increase health, environmental and economic problems for Africans.

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